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Having offered high-end dental products for over 150 combined years,
Komet USA and Bien-Air are the perfect fit. 

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Innovative and reliable products have helped make Bien-Air the number one specialist in dental handpieces and motors in the dental industry. In addition to their Electric and Air-Driven handpieces, Komet USA also offers Bien-Air’s Optima motor and Lubricare maintenance system!





Micro-Series CA 1:1L
Classic CA 1:1L
Micro-Series CA 1:5L
Classic CA 1:5L

The all-new contra-angle EVO. 15 is one of a kind. Simultaneously raising performance standards and revolutionizing patient safety, this promising handpick combines Swiss precision with an unparalleled level of durability and ergonomics. Discover what makes the contra-angle EVO. 15 the indispensable dental instrument, day in and day out. The size of the contra-angle EVO. 15 makes you forget you are handling such a high-performance instrument. Its small, shockproof stainless steel head provides remarkable maneuverability and accessibility to third molars. As part of Bien-Air’s Micro-Series line, the hand piece’s comparatively lighter weight pushes the limits of comfort even further with more balanced manipulation and reduced hand and wrist fatigue.



Micro-Series CA 1:1L
Classic CA 1:1L
Micro-Series CA 1:5L
Classic CA 1:5L

There are some devices still earning repeat and admiration after forty years in, and Bien-Air’s Classic CA 1:1 and CA 1:5 electric handpieces are two of them. Forever evolving, their dominating productivity and remarkable durability make them the most popular models in the lineup. The series’ fully redesigned bur-locking and rotation drive mechanism ensures micron-precise concentricity and stability, while a 100 to 200,000 rpm speed range lets you complete the most intricate restorative work with incredible accuracy - and on your own terms. CA 1:1 and CA 1:5 epitomize the reliability and quality on which Bien-Air has built its reputation.


PM 1:1 Straight

PM 1:1 is designed to withstand the stresses resulting from repeated lateral pressure while maintaining exceptional precision. You will appreciate the absence of vibration, quiet operation, and the tried and tested bur locking system.



1601085_TU_Tornado X LED_dos_15CM.jpg

Tornado X
Tornado X LK

60 years of know-how and passion is the secret that leads Bien-Air Dental today to offer exceptionally reliable products. Discover all their expertise and attention to detail in the new TORNADO X turbine. With 60 years of expertise, Bien-Air Dental offers and guarantees an outstanding level of reliability.

TU_1600908-001-Tornado big D.png

Tornado LED
Tornado LED LK

Every aspect of the Tornado makes a clear and convincing statement of its leadership position. Equipped with SteadyTorque™ technology, this air-driven handpiece delivers an outstanding power output of 30 watts – a superiority that is both hard to compare and hard to resist. Experience faster dental procedures and expand your practice’s efficiency and profitability with commanding skill. Thanks to the noise-reducing properties of two novel features – the Accu-Spray Quattro Mix™ spray system and the Accu-Chuck PreciPlus™ vibration-canceling bur-retention mechanism, this soft, reassuring sound is intended to help even your most apprehensive patients feel at ease all while protecting and preserving your hearing.


Tornadoˢ LED
Tornadoˢ LED LK

With its compact head and exceptional power output, the new TORNADOˢ turbine is the latest technical innovation. Although small and lightweight, the TORNADOˢ offers extraordinary power of 24 watts. Equipped with Bien-Air’s SteadyTorque™ technology, the TORNADOˢ enables you to perform the most complex operations in no time. Try the TORNADOˢ and discover the magic of this powerful compact head turbine.


Prestige LED
Prestige LED LK

Impressive bur concentricity, safe cooling of the treatment site, and near-perfect weight distribution are just three of a tall list of performance- and comfort-enhancing features for you to benefit from with the Prestige handpick. Featuring a compact head, those hard to reach areas in the back of the mouth are accessed with surprising ease. Exceed the high standards you’ve set for yourself with the proven competence and quality this progressive series stands for with Prestige.


Bora LED

Bora turbines guarantee impeccable hygiene thanks to the Sealed Head air and water anti-retraction valves and perfect nebulization provided by the six separate Accu-Spray air and water nozzles. It is equipped with a practical Cool Touch push-button which prevents overheating, and the new Accu-Chuck mechanism reduces vibrations and noise. Fitted with an exclusive dual conductor LED system, the Bien-Air turbines provide uniform lighting of the working area creating an intensity of light that is almost doubled thanks to brand new technology: hot-pressed multi-strand optical glass.


Black Peal Eco

The competitive price, lightness and ease of maintenance of the Black Pearl Eco ensure it stands apart. If this were not enough, its power has been increased by more than 50%. It has one separate air/water spray and connects directly to a 2-/3-way or 4-way hose. Its moderately sized head makes this the versatile turbine par excellence. Practical and robust, the Black Pearl Eco turbine is a comprehensive and indispensable instrument.





The iOptima reaches new altitudes in practice productivity by seamlessly integrating performance-enhancing technologies into an uncomplicated experience. Equipped with a brushless micromotor and more innovations than any other retro-fit systems in its class, the iOptima effortlessly takes the pole position for the future of electric power dentistry. See what it’s like to operate at the next level. Featuring Restorative and Rotary Endo applications, the iOptima is controlled by an iPod Touch which can be updated for free with the Bien-Air app to include evolving products and functionality.



The advantage of the electric handpick over its air-driven counterpart are most apparent when measuring a dental practice’s efficiency and productivity. Because of its high cutting power and constant torque, the electric handpick allows for procedures to be completed faster, thereby giving dentists the possibility to optimize their time and take on new patients. This is where Optima comes into play. From its practical design to its seamless setup and operation, every aspect of the Optima was thought-out with simplicity in mind. Composed of a tabletop control unit and Bien-Air’s best-selling MCX brushless micromotor, this ingenious system gives dental professionals the option to upgrade their units with the latest electric technology at the most affordable price. The Optima is Bien-Air’s solution to make things work for you.




Lubricare Automatic Maintenance System

Quick, simple, and economic - this perfectly sums up the Lubricare maintenance device. When used with Bien-Air’s Spraynet and Lubrifluid products, each spray is specifically designed for a phase in the maintenance cycle: Spraynet, for dissolving impurities and cleaning the instrument both inside and out, and Lubrifluid, for effective lubrication of instruments. Lubricare and Bien-Air maintenance sprays support the daily use of your instruments, guaranteeing impeccable maintenance, optimal operation and an extended service life.


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